Memory Socks


Memory Socks are Sock Dollies made from a sock or other materials you supply!  If you don't have a sock to send, not to worry! Sock Dollies can still craft something special for you. We can take a sock and make a dollie with all sorts of choices in hair and eye color, hair style, and clothing outfit.

There is no better way to preserve the memory of Baby's first steps or a child's first home run than to send us the very socks worn during those historic events to be transformed into a unique keepsake.

Memory Socks Sock Dollies are wonderful gifts for godparents when crafted from the wee socks your baby wore to his christening, or as presents for grandparents at Christmas to commemorate her first holiday.

To order one or more highly custom Memory Sock Dollies, please contact us directly.

Some of our customer's Memory Sock Dollies!

The Sock Family, Scotland

Jemima & Delilah
Washington State USA

Lucy, Lady Melissa, & Kayla
Washington State USA

Plumeria & Pierpont
Indiana, USA

The Honorable William
Virginia, USA

Wisconsin, USA

The Jersey Devil

Buffalo, NY

Another Dorothy
Washington State, USA

Washington State, USA

Washington State, USA

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