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Ever wonder where all those odd socks go when you do the laundry? Well, Welcome to Sock Dollies, where stray socks come to find friends.

Our Sock Dollies are sock dolls made from new and vintage materials to create one-of-a-kind pals and memories for you. Some of the buttons in our collection are over eighty years old! And some of our memory socks have been crafted from material taken from christening gowns, wedding dresses and other cherished clothing.

You can roll them, squish them, hug them, squeeze them, twist them, snug them, and mush them flat… just be sure to play nice because Sockdollies have fragile feelings.

Sockdollies are made to be loved by anyone, but do have small parts, and should not be given to any children or pets who might accidentally eat them.

Sockdollies are Hand Wash and Air-dry only…they have issues with the washer and dryer. We recommend a gentle swish in warm water and Woolite, squeeze gently and lay flat to dry. Line drying is fun, but the neighbors might be concerned.