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When I was a little girl …

(Lake Worth, FL)

When I was a little girl (MANY years ago) I had a sock doll. She was my favorite “baby”. Where I went, she went. I tucked her in each night, and woke her each morning. When I was 10, we moved. And somehow, somewhere in the move my sock baby was lost. I mourned her loss for years, and if truth be told, there’s still a place in my heart that is sad at her loss. So over the years she would pop into my mind now and then with a wistful feeling.

Tonight, some would call it a fluke, I call it fate, a friend of mine told me, “you HAVE got to see this sock doll site. And there she was … older (like me!), but my sock doll!! And soon we will be reunited!! Becky is on her way to me!!